This new version of the NPO includes new terms that describe “scales of measurement” and nanomaterials. We made some modification to the nanomaterial branch and added new terms based on ISO terminology. 

NPO RELEASE DOCUMENTS:  To view the new release documents, please go to http://www.nano-ontology.org/documentation/version-release-notes/2011-02-12

NPO VISUALIZATION: To browse and visualize the NPO, please go to http://purl.bioontology.org/ontology/npo

NPO INCLUDED IN NCI METATHESAURUS:  The NPO is now included in the NCI metathesaurus (NCIm), which can be  accessed at  http://ncimeta.nci.nih.gov/

The NCI metathesaurus contains about 3,600,000 terms from over 76 vocabularies, and these terms are mapped to about  1,400,000 biomedical concepts. Terms from multiple vocabularies that are mapped to a single biomedical concept allows the user to choose from the multiple vocabularies to annotate data.  Simultaneously, this facilitates discovery of vocabularies unknown to the user.  By the inclusion of NPO into the NCI metathesaurus, we expect that NPO accessibility and usage will be extended within the NCIm;  NPO will add semantics into the NCIm;  and that NCIm users will be able to take advantage of the knowledge provided by NPO.  

NPO TERM SUGGESTION :  The NCI term suggestion  application allows for users to suggest terms for NPO, which is available at http://ncitermform.nci.nih.gov/